Full Circle Health Approach PPHC Fooshegu

februari 10, 2019

Stichting Comfort, in an attempt to widen its scope, is looking for a partner in Northern Ghana to realize the health-related aims of the organization. Fooshegu PPHC was identified as a health facility in a peri-urban environment with a potential to develop. The facility, however, lacks the capacity and resources to unlock this potential.

The Full-cycle Health Approach PPHC Fooshegu Project aims at supporting the establishment of a full-cycle health approach, consisting of education, prevention, diagnosis, counselling, curative care and administration. This Full-cycle Health Approach will be set up for the most common symptoms with which people seek for first line medical care at the Fooshegu PPHC. These include dehydration, wounds and accidents, fever, diarrheoa and pregnancy. Educative, preventive, diagnostic and treatment options will be made available for the most prevalent medical conditions, such as malaria and hepatitis B. This will include the promotion of strategies for the improvement of the sanitation, hygiene and drinking water situation in Fooshegu and surroundings. Clinical protocols will be developed for each of these symptoms and medical conditions in collaboration with Stichting Comfort. A revolving fund will be set up in order to be able to purchase basic drugs, consumables and diagnostic tests for the facility.


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